Real Estate Agents or For Sale By Owners

1. Hi Resolution Video

  • You will receive 10 copies of a 2:00 to 4:00 minute MyHouseVideo on DVD.
  • Presenting your property on television will change the office experience. Sit back, relax on the sofa and enjoy the Big Screen.
  • Your buyers will see stunning detailed photography with directed camera moves and professional video editing. This presentation will give serious buyers the actual feel and flow of the entire property.
  • Save time before showing the home.  Keep a DVD of each property handy in your “ShowRoom.” 

2. High Quality Digital Photos.

  • We will travel to your listing location and attractively photograph the entire property.
  • We will deliver all of the original photos including wide angle panoramic compositions to you on CD or USB drive.  They are yours to use in advertisement and web design.

3. High Resolution Computer Video Files.

  • You will receive  your MyHouseVideo as either Hi Resolution Windows Media Files, or Hi Resolution Quicktime Movie files.  The choice is yours.
  • Use these files to show your properties on an office computer with wide screen display… or even on your laptop at lunch. 
  • No need to download from the net, as your files will be delivered to you by either CD or USB drive. If you don’t have access to the DVD, this would be the next best video resolution to showcase your property.
  • These large files can also be used in your own web design.

4. Hosting on

  • Your “MyHouseVideo” will automatically be posted on our website in Hi Resolution video. There will be links to your personal website, maps, floor plans and other information posted on our site.
  • Our  website will also be advertised utilizing your local media.
  • 24/7 viewing over the net should bring you customers who’ve already seen the video and are interested in buying the house, thereby saving you, the buyer and the seller time.
  • You can link potential buyers to your hosted video from your own website as well.

5. Share Hi Resolution Files

  • As part of a growing network of MyHouseVideo users, you will be delivered Hi Resolution Video Files of other user’s properties on a regular basis.  Your Video will be distributed  to other local Real Estate offices as well.  Selling is what it’s all about.

6. Broadcast/Cable TV Show

  • In the very near future, we will be creating a half hour Television show featuring approx 10 of our MyHouseVideo tours per week.  This will be a regularly scheduled show airing in your local market.  There will be an extra fee for this service.

Every Property is Unique.  Call for a Price Quote.  661-245-3854